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About our research facilities

The Institute for Healthcare Innovation provides centralized research support and can connect you with the ideal investigator to conduct your study at Midwestern University.

The IHI is located on the two campuses of Midwestern University and operates clinical trials at both of the local Midwestern Clinics.

The Downers Grove campus is in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois conveniently located approximately 20 minutes from Chicago’s Midway airport and within 5 minutes of I-88 and 355 in Downers Grove.

The Glendale campus is in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and is easily accessed from anywhere in the “Valley of the Sun” off of the Loop 101 and 59th Ave.

Working With IHI

The IHI can work with biomedical companies, veterinary pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and collaborative institutions to advance their clinical trials, basic research, and product development.  Our goal is to streamline the clinical trial process while providing the highest quality of work.  Getting started with the IHI is simple, just contact us with your needs and we will assign a team member to follow up.

IHI Developed and Managed Projects

In this situation, the Sponsor often requests that the IHI develop the protocol, budget, and manages the entire clinical study for the Sponsor. The process generally proceeds as follows:

  1. Non-confidential discussion with collaborator on the proposed project
  2. IHI generates a draft statement of work and estimated budget for review
  3. Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) signed
  4. IHI drafts formal plan (protocol, budget, etc.) for review
  5. Research Agreement is executed
  6. IHI commences with proposed work, which normally includes:
    • Protocol design and concurrence with investigators
    • IRB/IACUC approval
    • Regulatory authorizations
    • Clinical trial monitoring
    • Data tabulation, statistics and final reports

Sponsored Generated Project / Clinical Site Collaboration

In this situation, the IHI normally serves as a clinical trial site for a sponsored trial, such as a Phase III human clinical trial or target animal clinical efficacy trial.

  1. Execute CDA to permit exchange of protocol and budget
  2. Sponsor provides protocol and budget for review
  3. IHI reviews and determines feasibility
  4. Clinical research agreement (or equivalent) is executed
  5. IHI performs clinical trial site services for Sponsor, which normally include:
    • Investigator enrollment and training
    • IRB/IACUC approval
    • Billing and regulatory compliance with site
    • Patient consent and enrollment
    • Managing the trial site and meeting with Sponsor liaisons (monitors)
    • Close out and data auditing with Sponsor

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